Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Assignment #1

This program is about childhood of Clark Kent the Superman. In this program, we learn more about all things who made him a super hero. I choose this program because of my mother, she’s an amateur of this TV program. After I have seen some episode I can tell ‘I really like that.’ In addition I want to learn more about Clark’s story because I love super hero like Spiderman or batman. Each super hero has a story and in this TV program I’m sure I will learn more about another super hero Superman. All I know about superman is what we have seen on TV like animate cartoon and some movie, but we never come back to saw what made this super hero. The program begin in Smallville this is the ‘home town’ of the young Clark when is spaceship fall in a field to fond his new parents. After that we are bring to the high school of Clark, where he learn more about where he is come from and his skill. He realise, that he can’t be a normal person like all his friend but I think he will grow up with no problem. To conclude, the first episode is to introduce Clark Kent (superman), Lex (a young rich person who Clark save his life), Lanna (the hearth of Clark), Clark’s parents and many others. In the next TV report I will tell you more about character because I don’t knew them very well.

Assignment #3

Monday, May 22, 2006

Survey report

Purpose of the Survey :

In this report, you will find the results of a survey I have done three weeks ago in a school project. My goal was to learn more about the opinions of people concerning airplanes and which preferences they have. I think, by doing this survey, that I will learn more about fears that people have against other ways of transportation.


My survey aims at everyone, but more with people who have never taken the plane than people who taken it frequently. The survey is short and sweet. The questions are general and precise. With these questions, I can bring out the fears of people and what they like in ten questions. I think that the length of the survey encourages participants to answer it. In fact, all respondents are people from my school. They are also in my program. I don’t think that this is a problem because they tell what they think about airplanes. Only 21 people answered my survey. That could change the results of the survey, but I can do nothing for this. I can only take the results and live with them. I collected these results five days ago on the Survey Monkey’s Website. I have also done every survey on this Website. It is easy to make and to get the results. This site is made for anyone who wants to make a survey.

The results show that a lot of respondents have already taken the plane in their life. There are 60% of people who have taken it more than three times and 30% who took it for at least one time. By looking at these results, we can say that the purpose of the survey is reached, but I did not collect a lot of opinions of people who had never taken the plane. I can almost say that a lot of respondents (60%) have flown by airplane and the rest of them by an other form of flight transportations, like hot air balloon, etc. An interesting fact is that numerous people have already take an UFO (20%). With this result, we can not say that the UFO does not exist because we have a lot of witnesses. In addition, a lot of respondents prefer big airplanes than small ones. The majority of respondents think that the safest form of transportation is the airplane. This is a good observation. Also, more than 50% of people have never been scared in an airplane. Another interesting fact is that the quarter of respondents fears kamikazes attacks. For example, we can remind ourselves what happened five years ago in New-York. It was terrible. The results also show that people prefer big airplanes companies, like Air Canada, than the little ones. For most respondents, the reasons for taking an airplane are either for pleasure, for vacations or for work. Most of them have flown more than three hours. Some people have take an airplane for more than one day. The results also show, that a third of the respondents prefer to have a man as pilot. Another third prefer to have a woman. Others prefer a monkey pilot. This is strange but the results are the results and I have to mention in this report that some people prefer a monkey to drive us from one destination to another. Where is the world going? Finally, the majority of people prefer a cute person with brown hair who smells good as a flight attendant. These are the results I have gathered during the three last weeks. I will now try to analyse these results.

The results show how safe airplanes are, even if the companies continue to make bigger engines. A lot of people say that they are more secure in a big airplane than in a smaller one. When we look at the airplanes number of accidents that happen in a year and we compare it with the number of cars accidents, we can easily conclude that taking the airplane is more safe than using another form of transportation. The problem with airplanes accidents is when a crash happens, because the media speaks a lot about the event. The event that happened in 2001 in New-York is a good example. People fear more planes since this event. At the same time, this event proved how taking airplanes is safe because to have a big accident like that, humans have to be the cause of it. Today, the security measures are more reinforced than five years ago. To continue, people use airplanes for pleasure, for work, for vacations or for traveling. We can see that it is a very important transportation form because of its speed and its comfort that cars and trains do not offer.

In conclusion, I think people who fear airplanes should realize how airplanes are safer than all other transportations forms. These people should inform themselves of all the security forms in an airplane. They should also understand that nothing can crash an airplane unless the pilot makes a major error. This is because airplanes are made for flight. In fact, with only 21 persons who answered my survey, I can prove that the airplane is the safest form of transportation. If I had more people answer my survey, I am sure that the results would be the same. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same opinion as me, because an airplane accident is really an accident. The accident can not be caused by a deer on the road!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quebec, my city

My hometown is Quebec, and it is the most beautiful place in my region. For sure, many places are reputed, like the Montmorency falls and the plains of Abraam. This place has an incredible view. Quebec is a city, but through my eyes , I see Quebec as a big village. It's not like Montreal, with a lot of people and different origins for each. I have to say, he have less car traffic than in Montreal. Quebec is a quiet city and has wonderful landscape. This is a historic city too. The beginning of the whole story for North America. But we have winter, a hard winter but we have learned to live with it. We have a lot of winter sports, and the Canarval. In short, Quebec is the best place to live !